Projection installation for the Microburn festival 2021 | Visuals & Mapping
Visual projected onto the sculptural form Sun Disc, Forest of Dean sandstone (gold gilded) by sculptor Kevin Blockley

I wanted to create something memorable that would compliment the environment, the projection space and the co creative-community ethos of the festival, so I ‘kneaded & baked’ fresh After Effects visuals daily and sprinkled copious amounts of freshly distilled inspiration from conversations and experiences I had with people throughout the festival.

I wanted to create “magical” windows for people to look into

Kal-ideas scopes were Inspired by Stella who expressed her love of the projections, but insisted she didn’t want to know how the ‘magic’ was created and referred to her experience of utter disappointment as a child as she unravelled her then magical paper kaleidoscope convinced that at the heart of this visual delight lived fairies and magical dust and how her heart fell to find the magic was merely a mirrorĀ 

The work was projected using a Lightform Projection System and an Epson UB-05 which produces a 1920 x 1200 image 3.5KLumens struggled in the dusk but once the Welsh night set in it really popped!

I managed updates remotely to the Lightform unit but with no Wi-Fi being in a valley, I created a little hotspot network using an old phone which was really useful for connecting an additional device running TouchOSC with a custom control page allowing me to control the whole system from the field.